why health Insurance the need of the hour 2023-2024

why health Insurance the need of the hour 2023-2024

In this article, we will know why health insurance has become the need of the hour, for whom it has become the need of the hour, how the mechanism of health insurance works, what are the policies in health insurance, how to settle claims in health insurance How to earn from health insurance

Financial planning and health insurance need :-

Many people definitely do financial planning for their family. The diseases that come during the planning are not known and the expenses incurred by them or have to be hospitalized due to some reason and the expenses incurred in this also have to be planned for these expenses, that is why taking health insurance in today’s time.

It has become necessary, therefore, to face these sudden diseases, we should take insurance to save them from the expenses and because of this health insurance has become the need of the hour.

It happens at the age of 60, it has started happening at the age of 20-25 years and at this time no one can tell which disease will come at what age and the money which we had saved in these sudden diseases.

We also go, if we have a health insurance at this time, then we can avoid these expenses and You can also save your savings, because of all these factors, health insurance has become the need of the hour.

Accident and need of accidents policy :-

The accidents that happen in today’s time, whether it is a bike accident, a motor car accident, a road accident, or a rail accident, no one knows when someone’s life is lost in these accidents or if any body part gets damaged.

Can’t talk but if you have a health policy which is called Accident Insurance Policy, if ever you get into an accident and any of your body parts get damaged or you die, then in such a situation your family gets a lumpsum amount. Who does not put any burden on the family.

Health insurance who needs most :-

Health insurance is needed by all those who want that their financial loss due to sudden hospitalization expenses should not be there, for all those people this health insurance is definitely needed if your salary is less and your saving is also less.

So in such a situation, if suddenly you or any of your family has to be admitted to the hospital and the hospital expenses are very high, then if you have a health policy then it can be very useful.

Mobile or health insurance? Mobile vs health insurance

In today’s time, there is a competition among people to get mobile, for this they are taking expensive mobile and to get a mobile, we roam not one or two but 10-20 shops and ask about it.

Or by going to the e-commerce platform, we also check which mobile features are good, after checking all these, a mobile is bought, which costs from 35000 to 40000 thousand rupees, yes if you have money then you Can spend money if

you have to give priority in both then you should choose health insurance because we spend more in sudden diseases and at this time your health policy is useful and not your mobile if you have a policy Whose premium is 20 to 25 thousand

Renew your policy yearly on time :-

You should keep renewing your policy on time so that your cover remains regular so that you can avoid sudden expenses, so keep renewing it from time to time

Changing lifestyle is reason to buy health insurance :-

During this change, people have to face many diseases ahead of time like blood pressure, Bp problem, sugar, cancer etc. You must have a health insurance because of all these diseases.

Use of chemical and pesticides to produce agricultural products :-

In today’s time, whatever grains or vegetables people grow in their fields, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides are used in large quantities, due to which people are getting sick, so you must have a health policy.

Increasing hospital bill :-

Rising hospital expenses are also one of the main reasons why you must take a policy. In today’s time, when someone is admitted to the hospital, it has increased from 50% to 100% as compared to earlier times, such treatments have come.

Which are very expensive, 5 years ago today, 2-3 lakh rupees were spent for surgery, but in today’s time 10-15 lakhs have been spent, due to all these, today’s hospital bills are also increasing. Is

Tax benefit under section 80D :-

The health insurance that is taken, gives tax benefit under income tax section 80D and you get these benefits when you take insurance from 25000 to 75000.

Pre and post hospitalization on expenses :-

By taking a health policy, you not only get the expenses of the hospital, but you can also avoid the expenses incurred before your hospitalization by taking health insurance, which is called pre hospitalization and after hospitalization is called post hospitalization.

In which pre and post hospitalization is also covered, like many times you are being treated from home before hospitalization and after that you go to the hospital, in such a way that the money spent when you were at home should also be returned.

Other benefits :-

In this, you will get doctor fees, consultancy charges, blood charges, nursing fees, surgery cost, medicine, all these expenses are included in your medical policy.

Financial stability :-

Taking an insurance policy can also improve your financial situation, meaning if you do not have a health policy and if you have to pay 5 lakhs on hospitalization, then you have to pay it from your savings. If you have an insurance policy then this can be avoided

No compromise for treatment :-

If you have an insurance whose cover is adequate then you do not need to settle for any treatment

Insurance mechanism :-

Any company that sells health insurance, then it brings a defined policy whose premium is defined and it is sold at that premium which has to be paid on purchase, it collects it and gives it to the hospitalized person. means he pays the claim

Types of health insurance policies :-

There are two types of policies in insurance, 1st idemnity policy and 2nd benefit policy.

The amount of cover in the indemnity policy and the expenses you get, let’s say someone’s cover is 5 lakhs and your hospital expenses come to 3 lakhs, then he will get the same claim which is called indemnity policy.

The sum assured is given in the benefit policy like if someone dies due to an accident, then his family is given full sum assured.

Claims processing :-

If someone has taken health insurance and has to be admitted to the hospital, then first he has to intimate the claim.

Claim intimation :-

In this, you are given a cashless card on which its name is given policy no, gender, age, and a number is also given on it, by calling on which you can intimate the claim, after which the company gives you the claim number. Settlement is also done in two ways.

Cashless and reimbursement :-

In cashless, you can get treatment only by showing a card in which your company has a cashless bond, in which the direct company pays the hospital, in reimbursement, if you are admitted to the hospital, then first of all you have to pay yourself money. You get this claim.



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