What is vehicle insurance understand all abouts in vehicle insurance 2023-2024

What is vehicle insurance understand all abouts in vehicle insurance 2023-2024

Vehicle Insurance –

In this article, I will tell you what is vehicle insurance, why should it be taken and what happens by taking it.

If you have a car, a bike or any vehicle, then there is one thing that has to be done every year, that is, renewal of your vehicle’s insurance, if you do not have vehicle insurance,

then any policeman will catch you and ask him Also the big thing is that it is not right to drive any vehicle without vehicle insurance because accident can happen to anyone at any time if you get into an accident and your vehicle also gets damaged or you are also injured.

If you go, then you incur a lot of loss which is very much in the amount, so you must take vehicle insurance, if ever there is an accident, then the insurance company should give this expense instead of us and we should not have any kind of financial burden, but when Also,

we have to renew the insurance of our vehicle, so most of the people always do nothing because whatever has to be done by the dealer and the insurance company because the same people call you and give you information about when your car is insured.

It will end and that’s what people tell us about Best Insurance. Let us know which insurance offer is best, which you can pay and renew your insurance.

But have you ever thought that the insurance that you get in 15-20 thousand may cost you half the price and that too with the same condition but for this you have to have two things

(1) about the insurance policy Having knowledge in

(2) Option. So that you can negotiate because the company only thinks about its profit and in this affair the company sometimes gives you the wrong policy and if you do not have the knowledge, then they also take over charge from you.

Types of insurance

1. Third party
2. Comprehensive/standard

1. Third party :- As its name suggests that it is for third party means if you ever have an accident and there is any damage to the front and there is some loss of public property then it is settled by the insurance company but which is your If there is a loss like you have got hurt or.

your vehicle is damaged, then the insurance company is not responsible to pay its expenses, that means you do not get any safety in this.

2. Comprehensive/standard :- In this, not only the third party gets insurance coverage, but you also get coverage, meaning in case of accident, the third party gets cover as well as you also get cover in it, that means you, the third party, and public property. The insurance company settles all these losses.

Add ons plans

1. zero depreciation :- The coverage you get in a comprehensive/standard policy is for the entire vehicle, but along with it there are some parts of the vehicle for which you do not get the full amount, that is the part like plastic body part, glass or rubber parts.

You do not get the full amount of 50% amount less, but if you have zero depreciation plan then you will get full coverage.

2. return to invoice :- If your vehicle is badly damaged in an accident, which cannot be repaired or your vehicle is stolen, then in such a case, the insurance company will return you the amount of the invoice of the vehicle.

3.  PA, unnamed pass coverage&paid driver coverage :- In this, you can add personal cover for yourself, if it is not there, then you can also take coverage for unmade passenger as well as if your vehicle is driven by a driver, then you can also take cover for that and all this in this. gets covered

4. Engine protection coverage: – If you live in a place where water is filled or the heir is more, then you can take this cover because the engine is sealed due to water, its insurance is not covered in normal insurance but if If you have engine protection cover, then you can also take coverage of that company.

Insured declared value :- This is the current market price of your vehicle, which is decided by the insurance company, meaning if your vehicle is destroyed or your vehicle is stolen, it will pay you this amount and this amount is directly linked to your premium amount. The more your id increases, the more your premium will increase

No claim bouns :- This is a kind of reward that the company pays to you, in the case of no claim, meaning if you have insured your car and you do not claim for a whole year, then you are given this reward and this reward increases every year.

Voluntary deduction/Excess fee :- This means that you accept that in case of any claim, you will pay this amount yourself and the insurance company will pay the rest.

Cashless service center :- This is a very important point by collecting all your information and sucked one of your companies that which company to take insurance of but it does not have cashless service center in your city.

You will have to go to the service center to get the vehicle repaired and pay them and take the bill for that payment and you will have to put that bill in the insurance company, after which you will be able to get the repayment, that means you will have to pay first, so you should choose a caseless service center.



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