What is Home insurance How Get Home insurance in 2023-2024

What is Home insurance How Get Home insurance in 2023-2024

Home Insurance -:

Home means house and the insurance that will be in it will be of your house, it will not include land, in this only your house is insured, in this we pay premium for the constaction cost of the house, we call it home insurance. Is

What does home insurance covered?

By fire, there is a fire in the house, no matter what happens to anyone like fire, short circuit, etc.

In this, if you do not want to insure your house, then you can also insure what is inside your house, most of the time, these insurance tenants take it because they do not have a house, so they get the same insurance as theirs.

In today’s time, most of the people live in the society or take a flat of a building, so when you take a flat from a builder, you must ask him whether this building has insurance, usually the good builders provide it.

Because the bank that is there tells them that you should insure this building and provide this facility to the investors who will be there, there is a key person in some society,

he takes its responsibility, where it is charged from you in the form of different charges and If it is not there and you are living in a flat, then you can take the construction value of it, one thing you have to keep in mind whether it is a house or flat 2% per year.

The construction value of cheese is 100 crores and in the next 50 years, every year 2% will decrease by 100% to 0, which means that the construction value of your house is considered to be 50 years.

It also has some factors

1. Geographic
2. What is the climate of the city you live in

1. Geographic :- Geographical means if you are living in Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, or who are living in the border city of our border or are living in the border area of ​​any city, then these areas are more affected. There are areas to be caused because there is more danger from terrorists and floods, for this also people take cover but it comes with a higher premium.

2. What is the environment of the city in which you live: – What is the crime rate of the city you are living in, it matters a lot because it tells about the chances of theft.

Type of home insurance:-

1. Fire insurance
2. Comprehensive insurance

Most of the people prefer to take comprehensive insurance only, but those who live on rent prefer to take fire insurance because they take the cost of their home which is more, but the people who have their own house, it is comprehensive.

Take insurance In comprehensive insurance, you can also take fire cover, if it is stolen, you can take its cover, if the house is damaged due to terrorism, then its cover is available for natural calamities like flood, earthquake, their cover also gives you comprehensive insurance. gets in


Let me give you the idea of ​​comprehensive insurance, as an example, if you cover all the things and have selected your summer sort in between 30 lakhs to 40 lakhs, then your premium will come between 5500 to 6000.

How to get claim?

It is also very easy to make a home insurance claim, to understand the claim process better, let me understand you with an example. Suppose someone has home insurance and there is a fire in his house, then that person should first go to the police.

The police have to be complent, the other who is the home insurance company, contact them directly so that they will come home and see the cause of the fire of your house,

if there was no safety feature, there was no fire because of that, due to which the fire started. Identify if the case is genban then you will get your claim so before taking home insurance ask as many questions as possible before taking insurance.



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