What is health insurance portability how to do 2023-2024

What is health insurance portability how to do 2023-2024

In this article we will know what is health insurance portability as if we have mobile and have a sim card and this sim can be jio, BSNL, Arital if we want to use sim of other company with same number So we have to port it, which is called portability and similarly there is optin in health insurance which is called health insurance portability and in this article we are going to know it in details.

Health Insurance Portability –

IRDA has given some rights for your insurance policy, such as you can change your health insurance policy from one company to another, that means the company with which you are running the policy, if you want to change the policy with another company.

You can port it whether it is an individual policy or floater policy or any health insurance policy, you can change it to any other company that you have existing health insurance policy in which company you port If you want that company has to give you the continuity benefit.

If you want to port, then your PED gives you new insular, when you port any of your policies, then after that portability, your policy is suminsured, till the same time the continuity benefit gives you a new company if you are suminsured.

If you want to do these suminsur Ed does not get continuity benefit, according to IRDA, if you want to port your policy from one company to another, then this is the process of porting, you have to complete it in a certain time. IRDA has also done this for some time. Frames have been prepared, this process should be completed in the same time period, all these rights have been given to you by IRDA.

Condition of portability

1. For this, you will have to wait for the date of renewal of the policy, that means, you will have to wait till the end of your policy and at the time when your policy ends and at the time you go to renew the policy, only at that time you You can get the policy ported, not before

2. When you want to port your policy from one company to another, then you will get continui of pre existing diseases and time bound exclusions but the premium of your policy will be the premium and the terms and conditions that you are porting to the company You have to pay the term and condition of that company and the premium you have to pay, for that what was its premium earlier,

what were the terms and conditions and what are the terms and conditions of the company in front and they may or may not be the same but you have to It is important to keep in mind that the term end co condition and premium of your policy will be as per the term end condition of the company to which you are porting.

3. If you want to port your policy or have to portability, then 45 days before you have to give notice in writing to your company that you want to port your policy from that company to another company. The policy you are porting and the company in which you are porting also you have to tell the previous company

4. The most important thing is that if you port the policy, then the process of porting should be completed in 30 days because the grace period of your renewal is of 30 days, the grace period of 30 days once. ends and if your policy is not renewed then you do not get the continuity benefit because the renewal period given to you is of 30 days.

Reason’s of portability

What are the reasons why you need portability

1. portability due to better coverages

Compare the coverages you are getting in your company from another company and if another company is giving you such coverages which are not in your first policy, then you can think of porting your policy to another company.

2. Lower premium benefits

Whatever premium is of your existing policy, you are getting the policy in other company for very less premium than that premium with same term and condition or with more benefit then you are getting policy in less premium then we think that this company Better port the policy in the same company.

3. Portability due to service issue

We take health insurance because at the time of our need, it is used for us at the time of hospitalization. If you have not received the claim or have received less due to any condition or any reason, then you can think of porting the policy.

4. Close friend / relative is an agent

If any of your close friend or relative who has taken the agency to sell the policy, then you also get your policy ported.

Process of portability

If you have already made your plan to port the policy from your existing company to any other company for any reason, then what is its process.

The policy which is going on now, which you want to port, first you have to fill the proposal form of that policy which you are taking, in this you have to fill your complete information as well as the portability form has to be filled and it is necessary to fill it. When you port any policy, you get continuity for the same number of years as your old policy is.



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