Top highest paying jobs in IT field.

The computer science and information technology field is always known for its high paying jobs. There are a lot of reasons that you should work in an IT industry. It is one of the most active and evolving field which gives you chance to make good money.

There are a lot of types of developers in IT sector. Here, we list only the developer’s types who are getting highest salary globally:

  1. Engineering manager
  2. DevOps specialist
  3. Data scientist or machine learning specialist
  4. Data or business analyst
  5. Embedded applications or devices developer
  6. Full-stack developer
  7. Desktop or enterprise applications developer
  8. Back-end developer
  9. System administrator
  10. QA or test developer
  11. Database administrator
  12. Front-end developer
  13. Designer
  14. Educator or academic researcher
  15. Mobile developer
  16. Game or graphics developer

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