SBI Arogya plus health insurance full detail 2023-2024

In this article, I will tell you about the arogya plus policy of SBI General Insurance.

What is SBI Arogya policy :-

SBI Arogya Policy is designed to meet all the health related needs of you and your family. The policy provides hospitalization coverage, domicile hospitalization, day-care treatment etc. That’s why this policy is very popular.

Benefits of SBI Arogya plan :-

Sum insured available :-

In this insurance, you can get insurance from 1 lakh to 3 lakh.

Pre & post hospitalization expenses :-

In this, there is 60 days for. pre-hospitalization while 90 days for post-hospitalization. Pre hospitalization means expenses before hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses after hospitalization.

Room rent limit :-

No room rent limit. You can take whatever room you want in it.

ICU Limit :-

No limit on ICU. There is no such limit in this.

Day care treatment :-

Available for 142 procedures. This means that if you go to the hospital in the morning and come in the evening, such expenses are also included in it.

No claim bonus :-

No claim bonus is not available in this as it is a very reasonable policy.

Reset benifit :-

In this you will not even get reset benefit because this is a very low cost policy, the premium of this policy is only 10502 ₹, you can take it at any age and even if you take it for the number of people in your family, even then this premium is the same.

Ayush treatment :-

Yes available in this if you get money for Ayurveda treatment or sidhha, unani and homeopathy treatment from this.

Ambulance cover :-

Rs 1500 per hospitalization. In this you get 1500 rupees on every hospitalization.

Entry age limit :-

Any person from the age of 3 months to 65 years of age can take this policy.

New born/department child age limit :-

91 Days / 24 years. If you have taken this policy and a small child is born in your family, then you can get it done in the policy after 91 days.

OPD & Maternity ( waiting period of 9 month ) :-

yes available up to the OPD limit.

Domiciliary hospitalization :-

yes covered up to the sum insured. If you are not in that condition to go to the hospital and get your treatment, so the doctor suggests that they should be treated at home, in this case, if it is more than 3 days, then it comes in the domiciliary category.

Hiv/Aids :-

yes covered up to the Rs. 50,000

Mental illness :-

yes covered up to the Rs. 50,000.

Genetic disorders :-

yes covered up to the Rs. 50,000.

Internal congenital anomaly disease :-

yes covered up to the 10% of sum insured. This disease is born but it is internal which we do not see like a hole in the heart.

Specific procedures ( Advance treatment ) :-

1. Uterine artery embolization and HIFU ( High intensity focused ultrasound ).
2. Balloon sinuplastry.
3. Deep brain stimulation.
4. Oral chemotherapy.
5. Immunotherapy – monoclonal antibody to be given as injection.
6. Intra vitreal injection.
7. Robotic surgeries.
8. Stereotactic radio surgeries.
9. Bronchial thermoplasty.
10. Vaporisation of the prostate ( Green laser treatment or Holmium laser treatment ).
11. IONM -( intra operative neuro monitoring ).
12. Stem sell therapy.

Discounts of SBI arogya plus plan :-

Family Non floater discount :-

if 2 member added in a single policy – 5% & if more than 2 members added in a single policy – 7.50% discount will be applicable.

Long term discount :- For 2 years premium- 5%
For 3 years premium- 7.50%

Discount will be applicable.

Loading of SBI Arogya plus :-

Habit base loading :- 5% of premium will be charged if insured person having (1) Alcohol (2) smoking and (3) consumption of any other type of tobacco including betel nut in any form.

Exclusions :-

1. 4 years waiting period for pre existing diseases.
2. 1 year waiting period for few illness like cataract, harnia, joint replacement, stones, sinuses etc.
3. 30 days waiting period for any treatment except accident cover.
4. 90 days waiting period of hypertension, heart disease and related complications.
5. Maternity waiting period 9 months & cover up to the OPD limit



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