Navi Health Insurance Plan 2023-2024

Navi Health Insurance Plan 2022 -:

In this article, I will tell you about Navi health insurance and what are the facilities in Navi Heath insurance and why should you take this insurance.

Navi general insurance was earlier known as DHFL general insurance and Navi health insurance has also been started through this.


In this insurance, the minimum entry age for children is 91 days and maximum entry age is 30 years. For adults, the minimum entry age is 18 years while the maximum entry age is 70 years. This insurance has life-long renewability but after 70 years you cannot take entry in it.

In this insurance, the minimum sum insured is 2 lakhs while the maximum sum insured is 1 crore. You can give EMI in any way at once or monthly, quarterly, helf yearly without any other charges.

Room rent eligibility:-

You can take a single room in it and its cost will also be linked in this.

Pre-post hospilazation :-

In this the minimum hospitalization is 30 days and maximum is 180days but it depends on the plan from which you are taking the plan.

Daily cash for shared room :-

In this if you share room with someone in hospita then you will get daily Rs 1000 for that room.
Ayurveda has also been included in this insurance, meaning you will get the benefit of it too.

Domiciliary hospitalization: –

In this insurance, you not only get the hospital cost, but when you are at home and you take any treatment, then you will also get the benefit of it.

Day care treatment: –

Day care treatment is also covered in this insurance, meaning you get this benefit even if you stay in the hospital for 12 hours for any check up or any other reason.

Maternity expenses are also covered in this but you will have to wait for 36 months for its claim but this includes cable two deliveries, 3000 ₹ is available on every delivery and the child’s expenses are also included in this which is 10000.

This too will be given by the company itself and this facility is only for 90 days after the birth of the child.

Wellness benefits: –

In this, the company focuses on how to take care of your health and wellness, it has 3 parts.

1. Complimentary preventive health check up :- In this you also get complimentary health checkup if your age is 70 and it is available from the same hospital which is menstion in it and this check is up free of cost.

2. Health status reward: – After testing, if your test report is healthy, you do not have any disease and the one who belongs to the curative company has fulfilled your health stats, then you are rewarded on health states which is 5% discount. Happens on Next Time Insurance Renewal

3. Fitness status reward: – If you have a fitness gadget and you connect it to the navi health insurance app, then you get reward on it, on the basis of the number of steps you walk in a day, you get 5% decount in it.

Outpatient treatment benefit: – In this you also get the benefit of the chekup after the hospitalization.

Five best health insurance policy given by Navi health insurance

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