Health Insurance Plans for Family

Family health insurance plan -:

Family life insurance plan that covers your whole family in one premium policy and sum assured. Such a health insurance plan gives coverage to two members at a time in case of hospitalization or any insurance diagnosis.

You can provide coverage of yourself, your children, your spouse on a floater sum insured which can be claimed by your family members as a whole. This plan can be customized as per the needs of the family.

In the current times where the pandemic is going on, the health of your family should be of paramount importance to you. Health insurance is very important to get the right treatment for your family in the rising medical expenses. Now-a-days coverage of COVID-19 can also be added to the old floater family policy.

Benefits of taking family health insurance -:

The biggest benefit of this is to large families in which there are children and old people. The family floater insurance plan comes with a host of other benefits that the insured family can avail. You can take coverage of family members of all ages in one plan. Below are its benefits:

1.  Freedom from worrying about the cost of hospitalization
2.  Insure new members easily
3.  cheap premium
4.  Get health insurance for your parents in the same plan
5. Covid health insurance for family
6.  Tax Benefit on Health Insurance Premium

What is not covered under Family Health Insurance? -:

The exclusion of health insurance for families varies from company to company. Generally, the following situations are not covered under such plans:

1. Expenses incurred on plastic surgery
2. Foreign treatment (unless included in the plan)
3. Any disease or injury caused by a state of war.
4. Any injury caused by indulging in immoral activities or adventure sports.
5. Complications at the time of pregnancy or delivery (unless otherwise noted in the plan).
6. Own injuries or injuries due to an overdose of alcohol or drug abuse

How to buy family health insurance? -:

If you already have a health insurance plan and want to add your family to it, then you should talk to your insurance company. However, if you are new to insurance and want to cover your family in an insurance plan, then many insurance companies do this work.

You can also compare different family health insurance plans online for your satisfaction and get a plan according to your budget. It is not necessary to choose the lowest premium plan as it will provide less coverage.

There is no use in taking a plan of low coverage because you do not want to pay for your treatment on your own by paying less money. So take your decision wisely.

Family health insurance

In a family plan, one policy covers the whole family, here the policy holder sucks the plane according to the needs of his family and he can take the cover of the whole family in this one plane, only if the policy holder has a separate plane for 5 members of the family. If so, the premium will be very expensive, in a family plan, its premium will be less.

Best Family health insurance planes -:

1. Star Heath comprehensive plan

In this plane, the maximum 2 adults and 3 children are covered, to take this policy, the policy holder does not need to do pre-medical of the entire family, the minimum age to take entry in this plan is 3 months and maximum age is 65 years And the maximum sum insured in this plane is 1 crore

2. HDFC optima restore family plan

This plane comes with a 2X multiplier benefit where the policyholder will get 100% sum insured for no claims in a year and the policyholder is also eligible for a heath check-up of Rs.10,000 at the time of renewal of the policy. Entry age in this policy is 91 days and maximum 65 years and maximum sum insured 50 lakhs

3. ICICI Lombard complete Heath plan

This cover comes with maternity cover, OPD cover, Diner expenses cover, along with this some golden covers are also available in this plane which is No co-pay, 2 complimentary Heath check-in coupons per year and No pre-medical screening for up to 45 years. Entry in this plane is ahead 18 years

4. Care plane by care Heath insurance

Along with covering the normal hospitalization in this plane, it also covers the modern treatment expenses such as robotic surgery. The entry age in this plane is 91 days and the maximum age no limit is the maximum sum insured in this plane is 6 crores.

5. Bajaj alliance family floater Heath guard plan ( gold variant )

This plane provides cover to the entire family coverage to you, your apki se, dependent children, parents, parents-in-low, grandchildren, dependent siblings etc. Along with this, it also covers the maternity expenses and medical expenses for the newly born baby in this plane. The entry age in this plane is 3 months and the maximum age is 65 years. The maximum sum insured in this plane is 50 lakhs.

6. Reliance Heath infinity plan

Maximum 8 members can be covered in this plane, which will include 2 adults with 6 dependent children, on the expiry of this policy, the policy holder can also restore it. Entry age for adults in this plane is 18-65 years and for children. 91days ti 25 year
Maximum sum insured 1 crore.

7. Max Bula Heath companion plan

In this plane, the policyholder gets a safeguard rider by which his policy gets an annual boost of Rs 4000/day hospital cash benefit The maximum sum insured in this plane is 1 crore

8. Tata Medicare plan

This plane has bariatric surgery cover or global cover. The maximum sum insured in this plane is 20 lakhs to keep the policy holder and his family medically covered.

9. Aditya birla activ health platinum-enhanced

This plane provides very useful features to the policyholder like cover for modern treatments, sum insured reinstatement and chronic management program The minimum entry age in this plane is 91 days and the maximum sum insured is 2 crores

10. Manipal china proheath protect plan

Heath maintenance to cover out-patient expenses worldwide protection etc. in this plane. Entry age 18 years to no limit and maximum sum insured 50 lakhs.

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