Best Health Insurance Policy in 2023-2024

Best Health Insurance Policy

Today we are going to talk about health insurance, normally we take insurance even if we take term insurance, but many times people forget to take health insurance, life insurance is an important part of our life, which helps us to avoid any disease.

Protects If our health deteriorates in the middle and you have to be admitted to the hospital, then to avoid all those expenses, we must take health insurance, in which you can pay a very low premium and you can get a health of Rs 4-5 lakhs.

The cover is available and Rs 300 to 400 has to be deposited in it every month, you can pay this premium on monthly or yearly basis and in the health insurance you buy, whatever premium you deposit in it, section 80 (d) of tax. Under this, you can also take a tax benefit of 75 thousand,

you get 100% claim assistant and along with it you get any disease, suppose the outbreak of covid-19 is going on right now, then you also get protection in this when you have health insurance.

If taken, then the risk of Kovid-19 is also included in it automatically. If someone is admitted due to corona, then he also gets a risk cover of Rs 4-5 lakh.

In this article, I will give you all the information related to health insurance, you do not need to go to any health insurance company to see the plan, you just have to go to the official website of Policy Bazzar because here you get a chance to compare more than 250 companies. You can also check premium and what protection you are getting.

Floater/Individual, Floater means in this you take insurance of your entire family whereas in individual you take insurance of one person, suppose you have 4 members in your family and have taken your floater plane, then in this you have to pay premium once and the whole family is insured But the amount of insurance in this is for the total family and not for a single member, in an individual plan,

you will have to take different premiums for 4 members and you will also have to pay the premium separately, say 4 members in your family.

If there is an elderly person, then get an individual plan for that elderly person and take a floater plan for 3 members, this will also keep your financial condition right.In which city do you live at your location and in that city which company gives insurance for the hospital of that city,

suppose there is ever an emergency condition, in such a situation, you will juggle money or not, you should choose such an insurance which is in that city. that provide cash less medical.

Claim settlement ratio :-

You also have to see the claim settlement ratio of the company, suppose there is a new company whose premium is also very low because they want to entice you but you should not run behind its low premium, you should consider the company whose claim ratio is good.

Take the one who gives you the claim amount if needed. You have to choose such an insurance in which the condition is less, suppose you took 5 lakhs insurance for your 5000 rupees but in this insurance the condition is more like you are in and its 1 day charge is 5000 rupees but the insurance company is giving you only 3000 rupees In such a situation, you have to pay the above charge, so you should take low condition insurance.

You should choose such an insurance in which it is not such that according to the diseases, insurance is available because in many insurance policies, different amounts are available for each disease.

In which pre and post hospitalization is also covered, like many times you are being treated from home before hospitalization and after that you go to the hospital, in such a way that the money spent when you were at home should also be returned.

You must take health insurance of minimum 5 lakhs. Choose the insurance in which the percentage of claim is high.

Let me tell you that no health insurance policy is bad, that you have to see which health insurance plan you have to take because all people have different requirements, so what I have to keep in mind before buying them, I have told above.



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