Before you buy car and bike insurance you need to know the information 2023-2024

If you have a car or a bike, then you have insurance for it and you have to take it, but what are the things you should keep before taking an insurance, everyone takes insurance but when you have to face the problem When one has to take a claim, then in this article, what things should be kept in mind before taking car or bike insurance.

Motor insurance is also of three types -:

1. 1st party
2. 2nd party
3. 3rd party

First of all let us understand what is this

1. 1st party means the insurance you are taking

2. 2nd party became the money that the insurance company would give, it became the 2nd party

3. 3rd party means another person suppose you are driving your car or bike and if you ever have an accident and there is any damage to the front and there is some loss of public property then it is settled by the insurance company but which is your If there is a loss like you have got hurt or. your vehicle is damaged, then the insurance company is not responsible to pay its expenses.

Incured decline value -:

Suppose you have taken a car for Rs 10 lakh and got it insured till the next year, now you have to take insurance of Rs 9 lakh, it happens that most of the people take insurance of Rs 10 lakh next year also but when When it comes to taking the claim, they are not able to get a claim of Rs 10 lakh, why no matter the vehicle, its value decreases every year, due to which you are not able to get the claim of 10 lakhs.

No claim bouns -:

If you have taken the insurance of your car, you have an expensive car of Rs 1 lakh, when you take a new car, then there is no claim bouus at that time if your car does not have any damages for the first time and you have to claim.

Even if you do not apply, then you get 20% benefit next year, this 20% you benefit on basic premium, suppose your next year premium is 80,000 then you get 20% decount on that means Rs 16000 means your premium 64,000 will be made if you do not apply for the claim in the second year also, then you will get 25% in the second year, in the same way it goes on like 3rd year 35%, 4th year 45%, 5th year 50%.

Add one plans:-

3rd party add ons planes
1. Driver cover: –

Suppose your car is driven by your driver, if he gets into an accident while driving the car with him and his death or any factor comes in it, then his nominee gets Rs 1 lakh and for this you will get cable 50. Have to pay extra Rs.

2. Passenger cover: –

Suppose 2 passengers were also sitting with the driver and they also lose their lives, then their family also gets 1-1 lakh rupees, for this also you have to pay only 50 rupees extra.

3. PA owner driver cover :-

If you were driving the car by yourself and some accident happens and you die then your nominee gets a cover of Rs 15 lakhs

1st party add one planes -:

1. ‘0’ depreciation :- Suppose if any part of your car gets damaged and if you do not have any add one plan then you company gives you only 50% of that demis if you have this plane then you get full cover

2. Consumables cover :- Consumables are rubber parts. There are many such parts inside the vehicle which are consumables.

3. Engine cover: – If there is any problem in the engine of your car or bike, then you should also take its cover so that you do not have any further problem. If you live in a place where water is filled or the heir is more, then you can take this cover because the engine is sealed due to water, its insurance is not covered in normal insurance but if If you have engine protection cover, then you can also take coverage of that company.

4. Tire cover :- If you were going somewhere with your car and your car tire gets damaged then you will get cover under this add one.

5. Key replacement: – If the key of your car is lost, then as soon as you complain to the police, then in such a situation, the insurance company also locks you in the car with the new key of the car and changes it.

6. RTI: – If your car is stolen, then you get the full amount in this

Which insurance is best online or offline ?

When you take offline insurance from a company, it is costly for you, but you also get the benefit of it like if any new updates come, you are informed about it and you can avoid the problem in future because When you go to take insurance,

you take it after talking to one agent, you recognize him and if you have problems later on, then you can talk to this agent and if you do not understand anything then you can talk to that agent.

You can ask when you take online insurance, then there will be no one to tell you all these things, yes it is definitely cheap but in this, it is not in anyone’s contact, due to which you may have to face many problems like something new.

If it is updated, then you cannot talk about it and have to face the problem while taking the claim. Due to which we get problem in taking claim whereas in offline there is no such problem because you can go direct company office and talk about it and get complete information about it which you will not have any problem in taking claim and you You can easily take the claim, which will save your time and you will also be free from stress, it is right to take my accounting offline insurance.



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