Ask Before Buying a Health Insurance in 2023-2024

Ask Before Buying a Health Insurance in 2023-2024

Ask Before Buying Health Insurance in 2022 :

If you are taking health insurance then you must ask 10 questions out of which 4 you will ask yourself and 6 you must ask the insurance company

1. What should be the cover amount?

When you buy health insurance for your family, then how much amount should be covered for you, most people think of it in amount but the right way to think is the number of the hospitalization day in a year now no matter where you live and every city The rate of hospitalization is different, suppose you are in Mumbai, then there is a charge of about 50 thousand rupees for a day, if you are in a small city then you would have paid only 10-15 thousand rupees there.

So wherever you are, in how many years you have to cover the hospitalization day, I believe that if you are taking health insurance for your parents, then you should carry at least 1 month hospitalization cover if you are there for you. And if you are taking it for your family, then you must take a hospital cover of 15-20 days, it also has a floater plan.

2. What is the right age to buy insurance?

Most of the people think before taking insurance that we are young now what do we need to take health insurance but let me tell you it is not so if you take health insurance at a young age then you have to pay less premium let’s say

If you are 25 years old now then at this age you will have to pay less premium but if you are 35 years old then you will have to pay more premium and people also think that when we are not falling ill then what is the need of it but if your If you have taken health insurance, then every year you are not hospitalaz, then every year claim bonus is added to that cover.

3. Should you take same insurance for yourself and your parents?

I believe that your health insurance should be separate and the health insurance of your parents should be separate because the insurance which is now taken in the group or family, then the premium is fixed on the basis of the eldest member, so you should take different insurance.

4. Should you take another insurance along with corporate health insurance?

If you work in a company and you have a corporate health insurance then should you take another health insurance I believe because whenever you leave the company your policy lapses you cannot carry it to the next company then Whatever is your cover bonus or whatever is covered, it all collapses if you leave that company, so you should take another health insurance in addition to this.

5. Are pre-existing diseases covered in the insurance? How long is the waiting period?

Many people have some diseases before taking insurance and some company has policy that if you already have any disease then it will not be included in it, if you take insurance then it must have PED cover and which If there is a waiting period then it should also be very less.

6. Is the room rest covered in the insurance ?

Many insurance companies have a limit on this, which is the knowledge of insurance cover, if your health insurance cover is of 5 lakhs, then it will be only 5000 for the room. If it takes more then you will have to pay those charges yourself. Therefore you should take such an insurance policy in which any such condition. Na ho.

7. In a year ,how many time. Can I claim the insurance?

Most company gives it only up to y limit but Navi health insurance policy gives it unlimited time. Suppose you go to a new hospital and you get 2 lakhs treated then you have only 3 lakhs left but in new it is 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs Changes and in this it is total free, that’s why you should take this type of insurance.

8. How many cashless hospitals are there around you?

Before taking insurance, you also have to see whether the hospital of the insurance you are taking is near you because if you are in emergency then you will not go to any other city, so you should see the company connected to your cashless hospital around.

9. Does the insurance cover checkups and OPD’s?

You also have to see that the insurance you are taking has checkups and OPD’s cover or not because most of the insurance company gives only IPD means only hospitalaz expenses.

10. How much is the claim settlement ratio?

Before taking insurance, you also have to check that what is the claim settlement ratio of the company from which you are taking health insurance because when you need it, it will give you its claim.



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